Spec-D® – Custom Headlights-l

Spec-D® – Custom Headlights-l

Custom Headlights by Spec-D®, 1 Pair. Improve your vision at night and in inclement weather and upgrade your vehicle’s appearance with these bolt-on headlight assemblies.

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  • Light position is adjustable
  • Light assemblies mount easily on top of your roof, roof rack, headache racks, or other roof-mounted assemblies
  • Light housings include pencil beam LEDs for far-reaching illumination
  • LEDs are stacked in 4 rows, and each LED is rated with a 3-watt output
  • Total LED output ranges from 72 watts up to 108
  • Total number of LEDs per unit ranges from 24 to 36
  • Width measurements range from 6.5″ to 9.25″
  • Features built-in integral heat sink for improved cooling
  • Polycarbonate lens cover is durable and resistant to the elements
  • Die-cast aluminum housings are light weight and corrosion-free
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware provide high strength and freedom from corrosion
  • Waterproof rating of IP 67 signifies all units are completely dust tight and water-resistant up to 1 meter of depth
  • Operating voltage for all is 12-32 volts DC
  • Color temperature rating is 6500 Kelvin (on the cool, blue end of the visibility scale)
  • 50,000 hours of bulb life provides 25 times the duration of traditional bulbs using 1/10th the electricity
  • 1 year warranty

Brighten the roads or trails and erase any dangers lurking in front of you with powerful Quad Row Short LED light bars from Lumen®. With corrosion-free aluminum and stainless steel construction, water-tight casing, and brilliant output from up to 36 pencil-beam LEDs, these partial- and full-width light bars give you maximum power and luminosity. Reduced weight allows each of them to be positioned anywhere on your vehicle with ease. Whatever mud, dirt, snow, and water splatter across the front of your vehicle and onto your light, an ingress protection rating of 67 gives them the highest possible score for resistance to intrusion by airborne dust. As well, all Lumen LED assemblies will remain watertight when submerged in water up to 1 meter deep. Hardware is included for installation along with helpful instructions, and drilling may or may not be required depending on mounting preference.

What makes the configuration of Quad Row Short light bars superior? They contain “pencil” type LEDs on the bottom two rows which focus their light into concentrated, far-reaching beams. The “flood” type upper LEDs serve to disburse their light to the sides. Once these units are turned on, their combination of side-to-side and distance illumination gives a driver an unparalleled wide swath of vision that eliminates dark spots and hidden dangers that other lights leave. Plus, LEDs are the most efficient and advanced form of lighting today. They emit their light from semiconductor chips mounted directly on a circuit board when current is applied, rather than in a vacuum the way OEM incandescent bulbs do. This offers far greater efficiency than incandescent bulbs because power is not lost by the production of heat. When you consider that LEDs typically generate 70 lumens per watt and incandescent lights generate 15, there’s no comparison. Even xenon bulbs known for their similarly clean, white light are far less efficient – generating only 20-24 lumens per watt at far greater temperatures.

Lumen also offers a wide range of LED lighting units designed for off-road applications as well as replacement bulbs for virtually every part of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Whether it’s daytime running lights, brake lights, license plate lights, parking lights, backup lights, and turn signal bulbs for your vehicle’s exterior or small-sized lights for dashboard gauges, indicator warning lights, or overhead dome bulbs, you’ll find the best ways to customize your vehicle here.

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