Replace® – OE Replacement Rear Axle

Replace® – OE Replacement Rear Axle

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OE Replacement Remanufactured Rear Axle by Replace®. If your rear axle assembly is leaking, clunking or making other strange noises, don’t bother with the hassle and expense of rebuilding when you can get the job done quicker and for less money with a Replace Replacement Rear Axle Assembly. It’s remanufactured with the highest quality parts and backed by a 3-year/unlimited miles warranty.



  • Completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, rust, and old paint
  • All parts to be reused carefully inspected
  • All common wear parts like bearings and seals replaced
  • Hand assembled and setup by professional technicians
  • Run-in on an axle dyno to check for noises and leaks

Removing and installing a rear axle assembly sounds like a big job but it’s nothing compared to the time and expense of rebuilding one. Things like bearing preload and ring gear and pinion tooth pattern have to be set up by knowledgeable technicians with specialized equipment. Get it wrong and you could end up with premature bearing failure and gear whine. Don’t take a chance, when you need to repair your rear axle, get a Replace Replacement Rear Axle Assembly. Unlike many companies that outsource production, Replace has complete control of the engineering, design, and assembly of everything they sell. Replace rear axle assemblies are remanufactured in their own ISO/TS 16949 certified facilities, using the latest machining processes and equipment, with the highest quality parts. They’re carefully tested, and backed by a 3-year/unlimited miles warranty.

Replace starts out by completely disassembling the rear axle assembly and thoroughly cleaning and inspecting all parts that are to be reused. Housings go through an industrial grade shot blast cabinet that removes all dirt, surface rust and paint. All “wear” parts like the crush sleeve, pinion nut, axle seals, axle bearings, outer pinion bearing, inner pinion bearing, and carrier bearings are 100% replaced with new. Experienced technicians hand assemble the cleaned and new parts and check bearing preload, ring gear and pinion tooth pattern, and backlash. Finally, all units are run-in on an axle dyno to detect noise or leaks.


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